我们思考。 我们创新。 我们设计。 我们惊艳。 Gallant Art Contracting Engineering Limited (GACE) 是一家总部位于香港的室内设计公司。 GACE由其创始人Allan Chan先生于1988年创立。 Allan 是一位在香港受过加拿大教育的室内设计师,在加拿大拥有丰富的工作经验。 GAI 最初成立是为了满足香港和加拿大高端住宅和商业项目的需求。 业务现已扩展到高级购物中心、世界著名酒店、国际公司、公共部门和内地开发项目。

我们的设计理念强调独特、永恒和高品质。 为了满足不同的要求,我们的设计团队会关心和考虑细节的每一个部分。 从设计到功能和预算,一切都与客户需求有关。 我们的目标是满足客户的期望,并始终超越几步。

We ponder. We innovate. We design. We stunning. Gallant Art Contracting Engineering Limited (GACE) is an interior design company based in Hong Kong. GACE was established in 1988 by its founder Mr. Allan Chan.  Allan is a Canada educated interior designer based in Hong Kong and possesses abundant working experience in Canada. GAI was initially set up to accommodate the demands of high-end residential and commercial projects within Hong Kong and Canada. The business has now expanded to High-Level Shopping Mall, World Famous Hotel, International Corporation, Public Sector, and Mainland development project.

Our design concept is emphasized as unique, timeless, and high quality. To satisfy different requirements, our design team will care for and consider every part of detailing. From the design to functionality and budget, it is all regarding customer needs. Our goal is to meet customer expectations and always go beyond a few steps.